A Different Kind of Day Camp and Teen Adventure Camp

Nature Camps continues to be on the cutting edge of meaningful back-to-nature programs.

Celebration time!

Outdoors under blue skies or singing in the rain, everyone soaks up the beauty of nature and of one another.

We continue to wish for each person an enduring sense of wonder and a lifelong instinct for the beauty and magic that is all about us in the natural world - bringing forth refreshing peacefulness.


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Nature Camps receives Governor's Citation.

With wonderful enthusiasm, children delight in exploring 230 acres of nature conservancy woodlands. In the camping movement, Nature Camps, Inc. continues to be on the cutting edge of meaningful back-to-nature programs. Children learn about nature and real crafts while challenging themselves, having fun, being safe, and discovering new ways of seeing and doing things—such joy in these guided adventures!

Nature Camps’ role is to take children into the woods, fields, and streams in a real and personal way. While they are interacting with their surroundings, they find out a lot about themselves.

Nature Camps is an Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Education organization committed to transformative experiential education programs, promoting individual growth and sensory awareness for children and parents. Nature Camps is a family based program, specializing in mixed-age learning.

In a creative and guided setting, children choose activities in which they wish to participate. Family Overnights and Concerts take place each session!