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Add-a-Week! One Week Extensions Now Available

Providing you with increased flexibility in planning your child's summer schedule, Nature Camps now offers the Add-a-Week Option. Through our forty one years of experience, we've learned that children easily become acclimated to Nature Camps by the way we structure our two-week sessions.

Children feel comfortable and everything is easily understood. The option to extend one's stay at NC by a week enhances these valuable experiences -- further nurturing children's inborn sense of wonder through continued remarkable adventures.

The Add-a-Week option is only available to children who have previously completed a full two-week session, adding one or week two of the following session, or later in the summer.

Simply indicate on your registration form that you would like the Add-a-Week Option, naming the week you are adding, and calculate the price by one half, of the regular Camper session fee, or $400. Add-a-Week for Teen Adventure is $450.

We look forward to answering "Yes!" to all those children who beg, "Mom, can I come again next week?!"