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At NC it is about deepening children’s sense of wonder.

Children experience the beauty and marvels and intricacies of the natural world through our activities.

Sensory awareness is about helping children build an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the natural world. We do this with focused, innovative, and meaningful nature study activities.

Nature Camps’ goal is to have children feel their environment. To draw it close to them. To love it. To understand it – not for its labels and fables and fears – but as an intrinsic part of themselves. If we go with the idea that, if we take care of our natural heritage now, then we will all have a natural heritage later, not just American, but a global natural heritage.

By better understanding themselves with relation to their environment, children will better understand their place in it.

Nature-study cultivates the child's imagination, since there are so many wonderful and true stories that he may read with his own eyes, which affect his imagination as much as does fairy lore; at the same time nature-study cultivates in him a perception and a regard for what is true, and the power to express it. All things seem possible in nature; yet this seeming is always guarded by the eager quest of what is true. Perhaps half of the falsehood in the world is due to lack of power to detect the truth and to express it. Nature-study aids both in discernment and in expression of things as they are.

Nature-study cultivates in the child a love of the beautiful; it brings to him early a perception of color, form, and music. He sees whatever there is in his environment, whether it be the thunder-head piled up in the western sky, or the golden flash of the oriole in the elm; whether it be the purple of the shadows on the snow, or the azure glint on the wing of the little butterfly. Also, what there is of sound, he hears, he reads the music score of the bird orchestra, separating each part and knowing which bird sings it. And the patter of the rain, the gurgle of the brook, the sighing of the wind in the pine, he notes and loves and becomes enriched thereby.

But, more than all, nature-study gives the child a sense of companionship with life out-of-doors and an abiding love of nature.

Handbook of Nature-Study
Anna Botsford Comstock, B.S., L.H.D.
Comstock Publishing Company, Inc.
Ithaca, New York, 1947

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