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With gladness has the singing of songs been an integral part of NC since day one. The Circle Song by Harry Chapin was our camp song in the mid 1970s. Then along came Jean Ritchie’s Bluebird Song, which remains with us today.

At the beginning of each day, and at the end of the camp day, as closure, children and staff (and welcomed parents) gather for singing a combination of silly camp songs, and songs that have deeper meaning and beauty, like the Bluebird Song.

We call it Big Circle times. Picture well over a hundred children of all ages (4 - 16), with twenty-five adult staff, and welcomed parents, standing and sitting, singing with all kinds of hand gestures, and a tremendous amount of feeling– in a huge circle of togetherness.

Several years ago a camp Mother from Germany wanted copies of Nature Camps songs. I asked why? She shared a wonderful perspective, and reinforcement of why we sing so much at NC. She wanted to take these songs, and all the coordinated hand gestures, to help her become a better teacher of language. She marveled at the beauty and effectiveness of all of these children, so very young up through teenagers, smiling, singing, and taking joy in each other’s company, so easily learning the words to new songs.

NC welcomes parents to come join everyone in Big Circle, before heading off to work or back home. Welcome!

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