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What to Bring





At Nature Camps we try to accommodate all ages and abilities. Bikes with training wheels are not permitted on NC bike rides. Please judge your child's ability.
All children must wear an approved helmet (look for the sticker). The helmet should fit snugly. If it slides around on the child's head, it should be adjusted. A bell is also required on the NCR Trail.

All children MUST carry 2 quarts of drinking water or power drink. Children will NOT be permitted to participate in the bike trip without this drink.

All bicycles should be in good working condition. Please check the brakes, steering, tire inflation, and chain. If you are unsure, arrive early and we will check it for you.

Parents are responsible for transporting bicycles to and from camp. Staff will be available to assist in loading and unloading bicycles. We will return the bikes to this rack after our ride. You are welcome to keep your child’s bike at NC during your child’s camp sessions.


Please download the Bike Trip Waiver, and send it with your Registration Form or on your child's first day of camp.

Bike Permission Slip