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We have had the opportunity to look back over the past three decades and measure our progress. And, at the risk of banging the drum too loudly, the story is compelling and worth celebrating.

What continues on, year after year at NC? It is something about the lively and exciting interaction among NC Staff, still finding joy, challenge, and laughter. And it’s their ability to see the special-ness and uniqueness in children and to be curious. It has to do with valuing, acknowledging, and honoring people - our humanity. This way of holding people is reflected in their work. They just exude that fondness for each other, a deep respect and interest in what each person brings forth daily.

Nature Camps has demonstrated the power and importance of engagement, and we as an NC Family can be proud of our continuous change and growth.

Educational Challenges and the Future

We know that no two people learn exactly the same way. We also know that to ignore a child’s learning strengths, attention span, interests, or personal way of processing data is to engender only fatigue, discouragement, and resistance. The educational challenges are:

Your Child Matters

The world is changing quickly, and not always for the better. With each passing day, it becomes clearer that our schools, communities, social agencies, corporations, and governments need women and men committed to serving our society's most critical needs in education, business, the environment, and human services.

At Nature Camps, we empower those who believe that one person can make a difference. People who sustain and protect the environment. At Nature Camps, children have environmental role models -- mentors -- who act responsibly, compassionately, and reflectively to address complex issues: from how to protect flora and fauna they become familiar with on their hikes, to stream stabilization while they sit in the stream creating leprechaun houses out of sticks, rocks, watching salamanders, red efts, and crayfish navigate around their steam and woodland homes.

Help Your Child Become an Environmental Steward

Nature Camps provides sensory awareness activities that are transforming -- changing perceptions, heightening awareness, changing lives. Nature Camps provides a dynamic community that stimulates your child's passion for affecting change. Here, your children will broaden their knowledge and skills in the company of other children who share similar aspirations to make a difference -- personally mentored by Outdoor Educators with the same dedication to the common good. Your children will discover their potential in ways they never expected.

There is an essential-ness of outdoor experiences that every child needs -- to be whole, to have perspective, to be in touch with themselves -- especially in today's world.
My wish is that today's children and their children's children will continue to be blessed by what their parents impart to them about nature. I hope that we remember that children's sense of time is different from that of adults. This seems especially true of summertime days. What a gift it is of us to slow down, to be unhurried, and give the gift of a summertime place such as Nature Camps to our children.

Nature Camps' remarkable validation of the effects on children’s experiences in nature has been noted over the past fifty years, especially in books such as Anna Comstock’s Nature Study, Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring and Sense of Wonder, in Opal – The Journal of an Understanding Heart, and in the 2006 popularized book Last Child in the Woods – Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, by Richard Louv and Don Webb's Published Papers.

These powerful, touching thoughts and feelings from NC grown adults and these books, all cite the continual body of research that indicates engagement with the natural world is essential for healthy childhood development, and for the physical and emotional heath of both children and adults.

These are the skills children must have to succeed in the world they are inheriting. And these are core objectives that Nature Camps. has dedicated itself for thirty-four years. With wonderful parent support, truly remarkable children, and an outstanding Staff, NC continues to make an impact on the present, and the future.

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope.
— Teilhard de Chardin