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OPAL, The Journal of an Understanding Heart

Morning is glad on the hills,
The sky sings in blue tones.
Little blue fleurs are early blooming now.
I do so like blue.
It is glad everywhere.
When I grow up I am going to write a book about the glad of blues.
The earth sings in green.

The above passage is taken from a book we read often, Opal, The Journal of an Understanding Heart.

For four decades we have read aloud from Opal at our Big Circle Times, during weekly staff development, or during our Family Overnights.

The words are from the turn-of-the-century diary of an extraordinary six-year old girl named Opal Whiteley. Orphaned and lonely, she took solace in nature, writing about her vivid inner live with exceptional beauty, sensitivity, and soul. When the diary was discovered in 1920, it became an overnight sensation.

With astounding beauty and curiosity, Opal writes about her animal friends, and the people she that touched her life, in a lumber camp in Oregon.

Maybe once a year, if we are lucky, there is a very special book. With Opal, it is simply enchanting...a life affirming story, both magical and real! Check out Opal's web site!