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New Hires must download and submit the forms below:

  1. Counselor Medical Form
  2. Pre-Employment Med. Form
  3. Health Form
  4. Life Guard Certification
  5. New Staff Certification Information
  6. NC Summer Calendar

Current Counselors




Position: Co-Director: Experienced Experiential Outdoor Educator works side by side with the Director, assisting in all aspects of pre-camp Staff Development and Training and daily Staff Meetings throughout the summer. Must be familiar with all aspects of camp's database; responsible for on-site office needs; work with children, staff, Medical Coordinator and Parents. Attend all Staff and Family Overnights. Responsible for planning and implementation of Staff Development, and for complete knowledge of camp Procedures and Policies. Acts as parent liaison and follows NC philosophy with children, staff, and parents. Helps in the planning, coordination, and implementation of the Staff/TA Overnights, and bi-weekly Family Overnights/Concerts. Pool Operator's license.

Position: Day Camp Counselor: Outdoor Educator to work in a mixed-aged learning environment (5 - 12). Responsible for co-planning and leading daily outdoor activities rain or shine. Skilled in sensory awareness (acclimatization), natural crafts (carving, primitive technology, pottery, weaving, making cordage, macrame, bamboo flutes, pea shooters, nature journaling (writing and drawing), canoeing, life guarding, fire building, survival (orienteering, outdoor cooking, etc.), hiking, leading songs, ropes course certified, New Games and initiatives skilled. WFA certified.

Position: TA Trip Leader: The role of the TA Trip Leader in addition to the Counselor responsibilities involves leading teens (ages 13-16) on their two five-day away trips. The first of these trips includes biking to and working at Spoutwood Farm, CSA via the North Central Railroad T rail and back roads. The second away week the leaders and teens are driven to Frederick where they backpack approximately thirty miles on the Appalachian Trail through western Maryland. The trip culminates in a white water rafting trip on Potomac River. TA Staff and teens decide on what camp service project they want to complete. This project, working with younger children, and Spoutwood Farm projects help teens accumulate their state required service learning hours. Responsibilities of the TA Trip Leader include the TA Overnight trip to Bunker Hill -- a five mile hike from NC during the first week of each TA session. Additionally, TA Trip Leaders meet the Sunday before each Appalachian Trail trip for a Gear Check, in order to check the teens' gear, help them pack efficiently, and discuss needed information with the teens and their parents.

Position: Intern: Nature Camps Interns are at least 16 years of age are always in the presence of at least one NC Counselor. Interns are assigned to a group, and expected to assist the counselors in any way possible. Limited number of Interns each summer.

Position: Medical Coordinator -- WFA, LPN, or RN: Nature Camps employs a staff member for the NC Health Corner. Since all NC staff are WFA, CPR, Life Guard, and Canoeing certified, many small bumps and bruises can be attended to by our highly trained Counselors. For more serious injuries, the Medical Coordinator is on hand, and our camp physician is just a phone call away. The Medical Coordinator is required to review the medical and emergency protocols, review Health Forms prior to the start of camp, call parents to discuss questions or issues noted on those forms, and discuss children's special needs with counselors. The Medical Coordinator is responsible for making sure that medications, inhalers, epi-pens, etc. are signed out to the Counselors prior to groups leaving on an activity. S/he must also retrieve these items at the end of the activity. The Medical Coordinator is also responsible for logging all injuries, illnesses, treatments in the medical log book, calling parents if needed for communication of any treatment or injury and is in charge is of all medications.

NOTE: Staff hired for all positions are required to attend the eight days (including six overnights) of Staff Training and Orientation in early June. This Training and Orientation session includes Training and Certification on the Upper and Lower Adventure Challenge Course*, Water Safety Training, training in Nature Journaling, Crafts, learning the trails, canoeing, learning active and passive initiatives, learning and discussing safety procedures for all aspects of camp, participating in practice camp days, family overnights, etc. All staff are also required to be present on all overnights, including the last night of camp, and following Saturday for pack-up, clean-up, winterizing, and closing down of camp.


*The Adventure Challenge Courses are inspected annually and meet the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Standards.