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Camper Program (5-16), Explorer Camp (11-12), Teen Adventure Camp (13-16)


Our staff is one of Nature Camps' greatest strengths. Our certified outdoor leaders are innovative, creative, and competent people who enjoy children and provide excellent instruction, leadership, and guidance. Camper to Counselor ratio is 4:1.

NC Counselors are a combination of Senior High School students, College students and graduates. Interns are High School students who have been in been in NC's Teen Adventure Program as Counselors-In-Training (CITS).

Every NC Counselor and Intern and have:

TA Staff are also certified in:

Please refer to Health and Safety: Constantly Raising Our Level of Consciousness.

Experienced and certified Life Guards supervise at the pool.

Children and their parents describe an NC Counselor as having a special uniqueness. He is an ever unfolding, growing, alive, person who is always present, making himself available at all times. He is attentive, interactive, responsive, self-aware, insightful, nonjudgmental, patient, respectful, ethical, moral, honest, hardworking, playful, accepting, and creative.

Be a Nature Camp Counselor



Don Webb (Founder/Executive Director) Outdoor Educator and Psychotherapist, focusing on the unique growth and development of everyone.

Don holds Master degrees from Antioch University New England: MA, Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT); MA, Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). He is a graduate of Rutgers University, The New York Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training, and The New York Focusing Institute.

Don was in VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) in Norfolk, VA; later working as an Appalachian Volunteer - Community Organizer and as a Teaching Principal in a one-room schoolhouse in Eastern Appalachia (Kentucky). He taught on the elementary, secondary, and college levels for forty eight years.

Don founded Whispering Oaks School, Inc. a one-room country schoolhouse in White Hall, Maryland. Locally, he taught at the Gilman Lower School, The Jemicy School, Whispering Oaks, Inc. and Havre de Grace High School. In 1974, Don founded Nature Camps, Inc. (formerly Don Webb Nature Camp-DWNC).

Don's Quaker background, his love for nature, and his deep regard for children of all learning styles have led to the creation of nurturing and joyful learning environments for children and families from Vermont to Maryland.

Don served on the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) Mid-Atlantic Regional and International Board of Directors, and is associated with ICEL. He is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and is a Certified Focusing Psychotherapist. Don serves on the Board of Directors for Spoutwood Farm Center, currently as Chairman.

Published Papers.

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Jen Goff (Administrator) has been part of the Nature Camps' family since 1999. She is looking forward to time at Nature Camps this summer with her little ones who are finally old enough to participate as Campers.

As a former middle school and high school teacher of Biology and Environmental Science, Jen has the pleasure of being home with her twins, Abbey and Andy. Although her hiking, backpacking and kayaking interests have been put on temporary hold, she and her husband are having a wonderful time traveling and sharing the joys of nature and farm life with their children. They spend their days playing outside, swimming or skiing, gardening, and exploring their creek, meadow, and woodland.

When Jen gets a break from the twins, she volunteers on the executive board for the Lancaster County Mothers of Multiples Club.


Tali Spiliadis (Co-Director / Counselor)

Tali will be a Sophomore next fall at New College of Florida, studying Psychology and Gender Studies.

She's beyond excited to be returning for her fifth summer on staff, and fifteenth year at NC.

Tali's eager to be back in the woods, playing in the mud, and listening to the insights of children about all of the magical things in the world.

She loves taking what she learns at Nature Camps, applying it to the rest of her life and studies.

Tali's feet would like also like to say that they can't wait to get back to NC's wetlands near the Gunpowder River, and be covered in cool mud!


Alina Martin (Teen Adventure Director / Counselor)

A rising junior and English major at St. Mary's College of Maryland, Public Honors College, Alina spends her time exploring the woods surrounding her campus and playing in the sand on the St. Mary's river.

This is Alina's fourth summer at Nature Camps and she couldn't be more excited. After such weird winter weather, she is looking forward to the jubilant joy that hiking and swimming brings. She loves spending quality time with the little ones at camp, but has also previously led Teen Adventure on the Appalachian trail (hiking/camping) and along the C&O canal towpath (biking/camping). Alina has previous experience backpacking in the Rockies for consecutive summers. Alina makes sure to stay hydrated all the live long day.

Can't wait to flea, fly, float down the gunpowder!


Anna Taylor (Medical Coordinator / Co-Director / Counselor)

Anna has called Nature Camps her home for over fifteen years. First a Camper, Explorer/Teen Adventure, and later as Counselor and Teen Adventure Trip leader.

A West Virginia native, Quaker, Friends School (MD) graduate, and Earlham College Art Major, Anna is excited to take on new roles at camp. She returns after a hiatus to attend nursing school in Howard county and pursue a music career in Philadelphia.

Anna looks forward to blend her love and enthusiasm for children with her passion for health and well being.

Anna loves singing, stream hikes, making dream catchers, weaving, embroidery, endless swinging, playing ukulele, and is excited to add more to her creative process this summer!


Hannah Saunders (Camp Little Feet Director, Staff Support, Counselor)

Hannah will be returning to Nature Camps for her fifth summer on staff. Her daughter Isabelle, who will be 18 months this summer, joins her to help out with Camp Little Feet and reunite with whispering woods and speaking streams.

Hannah lives in New York City with her two Izzies. She teaches Food Justice and art classes for children, and volunteers in the conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, juggling, playing guitar, rollicking in the park with Isabelle, farming on her windowsills, knitting, bookmaking, biking and taking photographs.


David Heroy (Counselor / Staff Support) I am so lucky to announce that I will be spending two weeks working with Don and folks at Nature Camps this summer! I attended Nature Camps from age seven to eighteen or so, and have since devoted my life to education and Nature. My girls (Cleo, eight, and Marion five) and I will be attending NC, while I am working the first session.

My love of nature has been deepened by NOLS, Outward Bound, and leading backpacking trips in California. I went to Gilman, I have a BA from Colgate, an MS from William and Mary, and a PhD from Rice. My geology research took me to Antarctica and Bangladesh, with six publications. All that said, I learned more about Nature and life at Nature Camps through Don than all those years at all those fancy schools.

Since graduate school, I founded Blackwood Nature Camp in Hempstead, Texas, and taught First - Third grade at Parkside Montessori, Austin, Texas. I currently teach Environmental Science and Outdoor Leadership to Middle and High School students at the Headwaters School -- where I have been for nine years.

In 2003, I met my wife Erica at a swing dance class. She is an architect who works for herself. Can't wait for this summer!

(NC note: for more about David, see his NC Counselor Alumnus Reflection)


Jacob Hamidi (Counselor / Pool Operator) greatly anticipates his return to Nature Camps, inc., a place which provides him with an inspiring and stimulating sandbox for the cultivation of his personality and disposition. He is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University, studying behavioral biology and cognitive science and performing research in the bat lab.

Jacob’s time at camp affords him the rare opportunity to exercise his sense of observation on subjects as dynamic and worthwhile as children. The natural scientific study of human behavior is among his academic passions, which also include evolutionary theory and sensory neuroscience.

Jacob is an avid listener of renaissance and baroque music, with a particularly potent penchant for harpsichords. He is self-taught on classical mandolin, having made the transition from violin, playing the baroque solo violin repertoire on an instrument with a tangibly more twangly temperament. He is also known to noodle about on the tone wheel organ.


Greg "Gerg" Schaefer (Support Staff) has been part of the Nature Camps' family since 1994.

He enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, and playing non-competitive games in the field. Greg also enjoys cooking and sharing his delicacies on counselor overnights.

Greg plays first base on coed kickball teams in Patterson Park and Towson.

Greg is a Director for WBAL-TV 11 News -- yet always makes time to visit camp during Family Overnights, and periodically throughout the summer.

Greg considers NC to be his second home. He is never afraid to act a fool or make people laugh, with Charlie Chaplin's quote describing it best: "A day without laughter is a day wasted."


Molly Tunis (Counselor/TA-*WFR/Explorer Coordinator) is excited to return for her fourteenth summer at Nature Camps! At camp, Molly loves leading TA trips, going on all-day hikes, covering things and people in mud, and having fireside conversations. She also loves looking at the stars, playing ukulele, and hydrating.

Next fall, Molly will begin her second year at Tufts University. At Tufts, Molly is involved in many student organizations, and she spends much of her time searching for the most beautiful trees in the Boston area.

Molly can't wait for the summer to start and for camp to begin!

*Wilderness First Responder


Heidi Yorkston (Support Staff) is thrilled to be returning to the magical woods of Monkton to spend her ninth summer -- with past roles of Medical Coordinator and Co-Director. She enjoys spending time with children in an environment perfect for cultivating a lasting relationship with the outdoors, always eager to get her hands dirty.

Heidi works for Itineris, which is a nonprofit, located in Woodberry, that supports young adults on the autism spectrum. Heidi runs the Art Program, having great fun teaching how to make sellable art from up-cycled materials.

Heidi lives in Baltimore, MD with her three three children, Dashiell, Fletcher and Tula Mae, and three cats, Puppy, Poe and Pony.


Colin Miller (Counselor/TA) is ecstatic to be back at camp for his ninth summer, and third year as a counselor. Wherever he goes he always likes to discover any wilderness he can find, exploring new trails.

Colin is a rising Sophomore studying astronautical engineering at Purdue University. He loves to share his knowledge on space, astronomy, and our efforts to explore what is an even bigger wilderness than the one we have on Earth. When not dreaming about space, Colin also loves to play French horn and is happy to share his love for music with the little ones at camp, as well as his peers.

Colin can’t wait to be back at camp seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones.


Philip Harney (Counselor) has been going to Nature Camps ever since he was eight years old. He has done Teen Adventure twice and has been a counselor for three years.

Philip is a 2017 graduate of Dulaney High School and will be attending Juniata College once he has another adventure at camp. He is a distance runner, and enjoys scuba diving, swimming and hiking. He is a regular fixture on all-day hikes during which he might humor you with random jokes. Philip will be studying Geo-Archeology at Juniata. He is one of very few people who don’t mind adding numerous rocks to their packs on long hikes, and has collected some interesting tools and remains over the years. He is also a hobby fossil-hunter and has found fossilized cephalopods, shark’s teeth, whale teeth and bones from many sites along the east coast.

Philip has a gentle, easygoing nature and it has been said of him that he is the type of guy you’d like to keep in your pocket and pull out when you’re feeling down.


Maya Lamson (Counselor/TA/Explorer Coordinator) is overjoyed to be returning to camp for her second summer on staff! She spent many summers as a child in the Nature Camp woods. Her favorite activities are stream hikes and cloud watching.

Maya will be a sophomore at Cornell College next year, where she studies Sociology and Gender Studies and runs on the track team.

At camp, you can usually find her under the umbrella table, except when it’s raining.


Alida Schott (Counselor) is a rising Senior at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. She can't wait for her second summer on staff and her tenth at camp. Nature Camps has always been the highlight of her summer, and she hopes to inspire kids to feel the same way about it. She loves hiking, cloud watching, and making crafts with campers.


Meg Hamilton (Camp Little Feet Co-Coordinator/Counselor) returns for her second year as Counselor. Megan spent many summers in NC's Teen Adventure and as Counselor. Her daughters, Penelope and Charlotte are also returning.

After receiving her Masters in Education, Meg taught at Garrison Forest School for Girls, and was Education Director at Spoutwood Farm Center -- gaining further experience in experiential education. When not frolicking in the woods or raising small humans, Meg can be found teaching English to teenage-sized humans at Hereford High School.


Parker Brotman (Counselor/Explorer Staff) is a rising Freshman at American University -- spending his first semester at Bath Spa University in Bath, England. He returns for his second year as a Counselor. Parker has spent three years as a Camper, and three years in Teen Adventure.

When he's not at camp, Parker likes to build robots and use them to compete in competitions. He also likes to play frisbee.

This summer, Parker is looking forward to going on hikes, playing games in the field, camping out on Family Overnights, and going on all sorts of fun new adventures.

Emma Slyker

Emma Slyker (Intern) is a rising Junior at Hereford high school, where she enjoys her classes, especially art.

Emma has been a Camper, has gone on Teen Adventure, returning from TA last year to be a Junior Intern for four weeks. She loves drawing, and is eager to go on hikes, and do plenty of natural crafts.

She is currently illustrating a children's book for a not-for-profit run by her previous kindergarten teacher.


Nathan Hamidi (Intern) is very prepared for his Eleventh summer at nature camps and second year as staff.

Nathan is a sophmore at Hereford High School, where he is involved in the sciences and music departments playing percussion and Accordion.

Nathan is excited for yet another summer of camping out in the green and sunny forest.


Sean Stansbury (Counselor) is a rising junior at St. Mary's College of Maryland, where he studies history and education. To become a history teacher is his future career goal, with the devotion of empowering young people with a passion for learning, and fostering their growth.

A person of many hobbies, Sean is an avid drawer and painter, basketball player, experienced kayak-camper, dabbler in the literary arts, and an amateurish synthesizer keyboard player.

Sean is excited at the prospect of interacting with young minds and having fun in the wilderness.


Jonah Zang (Intern) will be will be spending his twelfth consecutive summer at NC. He did the awesome Teen adventure program for the last three years, hiking the Appalachian Trail, working and living at Spoutwood Farm Center, and biking along the C&O canal. He knows the woods in and out, and is excited about joining NC as an outdoor educator!

When not hiking, biking, and camping all summer, Jonah will be in eleventh grade at the Baltimore School of Independent Learners next fall. He loves archaeology, rock climbing, and travel. Jonah has been lucky enough to travel abroad and spend a week as an archaeology intern at James Madison's estate.

There's so much Jonah loves about Nature Camps: the natural environment, relaxed atmosphere, and people there. He can't wait for summer to begin.


Eli Archuleta (Intern) graduated from Catonsville HS and is a student at CCBC where he is studying Massage Therapy and Audio Production.

Eli enjoyed his time at Oxford Kids Camp during childhood and is excited to be part of Nature Camps for his very first time. Eli loves listening to music, reading, walking on trails, being in nature, and hanging out with his dog and cat.

When he’s not busy living in Maryland, Eli spends time in Arizona with his father exploring the Sonoran Desert.

He’s looking forward to interacting with the various forms of wildlife, including the children, at Nature Camps.


Renee O'neill (Volunteer) has been at camp for the past fifteen summers.

A mother of five, previous Home Schooler, an avid gardener and crafts person.

Renee and her husband Scott added wildflower gardens and a stone wall during Teen Adventure's camp service project, maintaining it each spring with family members.


Opal: Fifteen years after she shared her thoughts and feelings as a five year old in Oregon.

Rob & Lucy

Lucy and Rob Woods Support Staff
(Owners of Spoutwood Organic Farm, CSA)