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Constantly Raising the Level of Consciousness About Safety

Effective Outdoor Leaders must constantly upgrade their safety, environmental, educational, and risk management practices. NC's approach to safety and risk management is entwined with competence, sound judgment, and purposeful, substantial programming. Our staff implicitly guides every action and interaction, to reduce accident potential.

At NC it truly comes down to this:
If there is a situation where safety would be compromised, it is a situation in which we will not participate.

The Adventure Challenge Courses are inspected annually and meet the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Standards.

Four Decades!

Nature Camps has maintained an excellent safety record for more than four decades.
And we are dedicated to keeping this outstanding record. Therefore, we ask that parents take some responsibility for your child’s health during Nature Camps’ experiential, active programs by: keeping in touch with NC's Wilderness First Aid certified staff, WFA Coordinator, and Director with even the slightest of questions and concerns; and doing the third deer tick check at home.

Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, and Ticks – Oh My!

On the first and second day of camp, each child is shown poison ivy, poison sumac, and jewel weed (Touch-me-Not), a remedy for poison ivy. The campers draw each of these in their newly made Nature Journals. We discuss the functions of these co-inhabitants of our environment, and what to do when we encounter them.

For more information on what to do after a suspected tick bite.

The same procedure applies to ticks, both the deer tick and the larger brown tick. Children learn how to perform a tick check, which we do each day at lunchtime in small groups, and again at the end of the day. Only counselors and the NC First Aiders remove ticks. The same tick check should be performed at home. Wash and heat-dry all clothing, including shoes, at the end of each day. More information about ticks is available from the camp office and the nurse. Last year, very few deer ticks, and infrequent brown ticks were found at camp. Though the media plays up the presence of ticks, we are aware of their existence, and take appropriate measures to avoid problems with them.

The combination of NC’s in-camp procedures, and your follow-up at home, will provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable summer.

Please pass a Band-Aid©!

Bumps, scratches, bruises, and bug bites unfortunately do happen. Most are superficial and will be treated appropriately along with a note sent home in the child’s backpack. Please check backpacks at the end of every day. While these are minor medical needs, the NC licence medical professional will call and touch base with you to be certain you are aware of the incident and its details.

If an accident or illness occurs that needs further attention, the appropriate steps will be taken and the parents will be notified immediately. There is a physician available by telephone, the closest hospital is the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and Hereford Rescue is the nearest emergency service, just minutes from camp.


Regarding over-the-counter medication, we keep on hand Children’s Tylenol®, Children’s Motrin®, Benedryl®, Benedryl Allergy & Sinus®, assorted poison ivy topical medications, epi-pens, and first aid supplies. If your child has an allergy or reaction to any of these medications, please send in a note explaining such. If for any reason you are opposed to your child receiving these medications if needed, please indicate this on the Health Form.

All prescription medications must be delivered to the nurse upon arrival. Medications must be in pharmacy labeled bottles with the name of the child, name of the medication, name of prescribing physician, physician’s office number, dosage, and usual time of administration. Please do not bring in split pills or an assortment of pills in a single container.

Local Emergency/Disaster

In the event of a local emergency or disaster, such as tornado, terrorist attack, etc., please call our office number, 410-343-0223. As soon as possible, we will post pertinent information on that voice mail system regarding the status of camp. This voice mail system should be functional, even if the camp's phone lines are down, but may be busy due to the high number of calls coming in. Please keep trying.


Health Forms must be at the camp office by May 20. Please download a form from the web site at, print it, and complete it, signing all spaces.

Return the Health Form along with the Registration Form to the NC office immediately: (by mail) Box 418, Manheim, PA 17545, or by fax to 410-374-8217.

NOTE: Your child’s spot is not guaranteed until all paperwork, including the health form, are in our office. Only then will your child's registration be complete.

Feel free to contact us if you are unable to download and print this Health Form. These Health Forms, along with our experienced Health Care personnel, are an integral component to providing your child with the safest, happiest, most problem-free summertime experience possible.

Nature Camps' Privacy Policy

Nature Camps, Inc. complies with privacy regulations that were issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services for the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) Act of 1996. All health and medical information is stored in locked file cabinets. Only the camp licence medical personnel and the director have access to these files. Limited information is confidentially communicated to the camp counselor of children who have medical or health issues that must be attended to during daily activities such as insect or food allergies, medications needed during the day, learning styles, parent notes, etc.