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Camper Program


Ages: 5-16 

2 week sessions

Each two-week session of the Camper program begins with a day and a half of introduction to camp, which campers spend with their small group making nature journals, going on an all-day hike, and taking the swim test.  The rest of the session, children choose activities from an activities list that is updated every day with new options: all-day and half-day hikes, swimming, natural crafts, games, as well as sillier things like “Half-day hike to make potions”.  Find out more about our activities here.

The second Thursday of each session, campers and their families are invited to the Family Overnight, where parents can participate in some of the same activities and families enjoy a night camped out in the woods.

The Camper program focuses on children's sense of wonder and learning about themselves, their peers, and nature in a beautiful, peaceful camp setting along Deer Creek in Harford County. Campers experience Nature Camps’ values and philosophies in action. 

Program Goals:

  • Help children feel comfortable in and understand their environment

  • Expand children's questioning attitude about their world

  • Heighten children's sensory awareness, using all their senses, experiencing some of the places where plants and animals live

  • Have children experience certain ecological concepts to motivate further respect for their surroundings

  • Help prepare children for making choices, becoming self-directed and responsible for their own learning

  • Create an atmosphere of caring and respect

  • Bring forth a spirit of adventure and excitement

  • Assure children of their inestimable worth

Registration Note: Check out the Teen Adventure Program for campers aged 13-16. Three unique experiences to choose from!

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