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Enthusiasm Abounds on Day 1 of Session 4

Campers and Counselors brought their smiles and energy this morning to the start of our fourth and final session of the 2018 Nature Camps season! Campers will spend the day with their small groups, getting to know each other, their counselors, and the camp.

Naturally, the swings were full before the morning bell.

Phil and Jonah's Group

One of many ice-breaking name games Phil and Jonah's group played before heading out on their all-day hike.

Flower Pounding allows kids to create rich and personalized nature journal covers.

First on the agenda for many groups was to make their Nature Journals, which will dry in the sun while they frolic away the afternoon in the woods.

And they're off! With 230 acres to explore, each group gets to choose their own path and immerse themselves in nature all-day long, returning at the end of the day with stories of streams, woodlands, rivers, and meadows.

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