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Nathan Hamidi 

Director of Aquatics and Pool Operator

Nathan Hamidi, now the proud holder of three quarters of a degree in biological sciences with a minor in German language, has been drawn to the woods from the moment he rolled into it. A camper at Nature Camps since 2001, he has gone through every stage of the program and is excited to return as Director of Aquatics and Pool Operator.


Nathan utilizes his strong background in music, science, and group activity leading to his work at camp. He has held many jobs ranging from musician to busboy to librarian. To him, being a staff member at a camp such as Nature Camps is deeply fulfilling and of the highest personal value.

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Josie Halushka 

Counselor Intern

Josephine "Josie" Halushka is writer of small poems, a walker of deep woods, and a lover of all animals.

After attending Nature Camps as a camper for most of her life, she is beyond thrilled to bring the magic of Nature Camps to campers as a counselor intern. Josie enjoys exploring and always seeks to expand her collection of factoids on the world we occupy. A Scholastics American Voices medalist for poetry, she spends much of her time reading and writing.

Before working as a counselor intern, Josie has volunteered at elementary schools and preschools, babysat, and organized a reading program for children aged 3 to 7. She is happiest when encouraging children's growth, wonder, and kindness.

As a counselor intern, Josie is looking forward to supporting her campers as they run, swim, sing and so much more.

Tessa Wilder

Director of Arts and Crafts

Tessa Wilder is a life-long artist, a passionate photographer, an avid writer, and a wildlife enthusiast. 


After two years in college for graphic design, she has since dedicated her time to digital illustration, drafting novels, and hiking with her dogs. She was, as she often says, “raised on Steve Irwin,” and has a deep appreciation for the natural world. She is knowledgeable particularly in foxes, raccoons, and reptiles, but she has an affinity for crayfish and all other creatures found in the Maryland woods. When she’s not outdoors she can be found watching David Attenborough, practicing Welsh, or browsing antique stores.


Being the oldest of six children and the daughter of a preschool teacher, Tessa has ample experience in supporting and understanding kids, particularly ones with anxiety, ADHD, and those with an extra bit of spunk. She loves most their constant curiosity and their eagerness to explore the world around them.


As Director of Arts & Crafts at Nature Camps, Tessa hopes to encourage campers to create their own personal works of art in a supportive, patient environment while also incorporating the enthusiastic energy of summer camp. Here’s to  carving soapstone, writing in a handbound nature journal, bracelet-making, whittling figurines, and so much more!